Atlanta on FX | Season Finale Viewing Party

atlanta_on_fxThe show Atlanta on FX has been the talking point of many discussions since its premier in September and has received rave reviews along with harsh criticism. The show can be described as a reflection of different facets of the black experience within the city of Atlanta. It’s a modern day inside joke that those that criticize the show for being “too black” clearly don’t understand or better yet, are not meant to. With an all black writing team and lead cast, the show is defying the norms of television today. In the spirit of a something this representative of a culture often commercialized and exploited for mass consumption, CareOf (C/O), an Atlanta brand that pays homage to the city, was inspired to commemorate the show’s season finally with a viewing/pop up shop. The viewing was in partnership with the DBSC, DGSC, and myself, MissYamiMami.

The viewing/pop up shop for C/O took place at The Warehouse Off Auburn Ave. where we were able to turn the venue into a comfortable viewing space equivalent to someone’s living room or den. I curated a playlist fit for a true ATLien with Atlanta staples such as Outkast, Youngbloodz, and Shawty Lo, to name a few. People were able to purchase C/O shirts at a discounted rate thanks to its creator Nathan Kingston Adams. When asked why this English chap created a brand specifically curated for ATL and wanted to screen a show like this, he explained that, “having been here for 6+ years (coming from TX by way of the UK) I’ve seen it grow and ‘Atlanta’ is true to that.” To Nathan, the mission of C/O is to make this apparel “as memorable as I LOVE NY & help promote the city.” A city that everyone, Grady baby or not, falls in love with.

The viewing went from ATL party to hangout and back quickly as we switched between 2 fan-selected episodes leading up to the season finale. During the breaks in between and commercials, people drank, socialized, and purchased C/O apparel. I was able to speak with a guest that attended, Kat Looney, a new ATL resident by way Missouri. Kat explained to us why she supported the brand and event when she stated the following:

“I supported C/O because I like the idea behind the logo, the very recognizable look. Three colored stripes that everybody in ATL knows represents the Marta. NYC has the “I Heart NYC,” Chicago has their two striped four starred flag plastered everywhere, and ATL needs something. It’s about time.”