Yamileth Jamirillo

I like to think I’m likable, but to some, I will never be and that’s cool. I’m a bit of an acquired taste, but those that like it tend to never get enough. I happen to be so complicated that it’s quite simple to see that I’m a bit hard to explain. If you were to ask 50 different people who I am, I can almost guarantee that at least half of the answers would differ depending on where you ask. The only common denominator in all of the answers would probably be that I’m a writer. You see, bios are never as objective as we’d like them to be. They always have an angle and they normally don’t include any facts that spark true intrigue beyond accolades that often come off as pompous OR dramatic events that are purposefully included to drive people to emote in some way. Not that I hate writing bios (trust me, biographies have paid my rent on more than one occasion), but rather, I don’t see a point to write about who I am, what I do, and have done because if you REALLY cared at all… You’d proceed to search the site for clues. To be honest, I have a difficult time writing about myself so I only ask that you’re open to learning who I am through my work. Isn’t that why you’re here? Aren’t you curious? Do you in some way, shape, form, or fashion sort of, maaaaaaaybe give a damn what I have to say? Even if only to criticize and judge, you’re here for a reason. So please, don’t wait for me to tell you who I am. Proceed to explore and come up with your own description.

Oh… by the way… I’m Yamileth Jaramillo and most people call me Yami because they’re too lazy to learn my real name (I got tired of correcting people and adopted it in college). MissYamiMami was given to me when I started throwing parties in 2008. Yaaaamz was given to me as I tried to ignore people heading to class at Georgia State. That’s why there are so many A’s in it, because it was always yelled exactly as it is spelled. I started to use it as a writing name once I joined The Tomorrows in 2014. THERE! That’s a start. Now go on and figure me out (if you think you can).